March 9th, 2015. Mainstreet Technologies released new research today profiling 1,013 Canadian parents with unvaccinated children (Anti-Vaxxers). The poll was conducted from February 22 to 28.

“We found in earlier research a surprising amount of mistrust in vaccines”, said Quito Maggi, President of Mainstreet Technologies. “We wanted to see specifically why parents with children have made the decision to not vaccinate.”

“We found that the major reason, by far, parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children is health concerns. Education and income really aren’t a factor when you take a close look at the make-up of Anti-Vaxxers. Despite the fact that measles has regularly been in the news over the past two months, 80% of respondents still say they are not at all likely to vaccinate their children. This is a continuing problem for those who cannot be vaccinated and depend on herd immunity for coverage” concluded Maggi.

Anti Vaxxers;
– 39% come from households with over $100,000 in income
– 38% hold a University degree & 66% have completed post-secondary education
– 65% cite Health Reasons for not vaccinating, 19% religious reasons


Mainstreet Technologies – Anti Vaxxers